FLIGHT or VAN Transport for Long-Distance Adoption

Sherry's Valley Bulldog Program
Valleys Produced
Angela's OEB Program

While we hope you will interview with our trusted transporters on this page, we will work any transporter you hire, provided they communicate with us throughout the entire process.

Excellent Standards, CLEAN & SAFE, lots of TLC, Constant Communication and daily photos

We have called on MaryAnn and her team for 20 years to deliver our puppies and retiree adults right to the adoptive family's home. Buckeye Dog Haul is more than transport service from point A to B:

* From pick-up to delivery they communicate with pictures, texts and calls to keep everyone updated along the journey. If a dog-friendly hotel cannot be found, transporters literally sleep in the van with their passengers! Upon completion of a route, transporters remove all crates and sanitize crates and the entire vehicle.

* All passengers must be completely healthy, CURRENT ON (age-appropriate) VACCINES, flea-free and freshly bathed upon pick-up. Breeder must provide health record, well-fitted collar and food sealed in zip-lock bag. Safe chew-bones with blunt ends are great time-passers.

* Puppies under 12 weeks of age NEVER TOUCH THE GROUND to avoid potential illness from foreign environments. Crates are supplied with continuous food (provided by breeder), fresh water and newspaper or pads that are changed promptly when soiled; then pups are given a quickie-bath with baby wipes, preventing skin and paw irritation.

* Adult dogs are given routine potty breaks to stretch their legs. They are fed daily per breeder's instructions, and they have fresh water 24/7. Breeder may supply dog bed pillow &/or large towels for extra comfort. Accidents are cleaned promptly and dog is cleaned with baby wipes until transporter reaches hotel for a proper bath.


Our puppies DO NOT FLY AS "CARGO." FLIGHT TRANSPORT by Robert Miranda insures that your pup flies in the Passenger cabin and is normally home same-day. Robert is our trusted friend and we've never called on anyone else to fly our puppies. Robert exceeded breeder-to-client expectations from the beginning. His top priority is the safety and well-being of your puppy, who never leaves Robert's sight. Robert is the ONLY person allowed touch your pup until you're holding your new baby bulldog!

Due to space and weight limits, FLIGHT TRANSPORT MUST BE ARRANGED WELL IN ADVANCE. Be sure Robert knows what program you are adopting from, as he only transports for certain breeders.

SHERRY (843-496-5152) for Valley Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and Boxers.

ANGELA (843-340-5818) for Olde English Bulldogges.