Valley Bulldog Program

IOEBA Valley Male born 11/29/20
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Sherry & Angela have been sister-friends since the 90's. We established "DOG BLUFF DIAMONDS" in 2020, titled to honor our programs retired back in 2011. We "thought" we were done, but we've both missed it terribly. We each have over 20 years' experience raising bulldogs and we take pride in producing QUALITY BULLDOGS.

"DIAMOND" - Loyal, elegant, timeless.

Formerly "Diamond Valley Bulldogs" (Valley Bulldogs and Boxers), Sherry has continued to own Boxers and Valleys and is proud to announce her 2020 Valley litter!

"DIAMOND" was Sherry's cherished Boxer and served as the face of Diamond Valley Bulldogs. She produced some outstanding puppies before God called her Home to play with the angels. Her legacy lives on through our new program here at DOG BLUFF DIAMONDS!

2012 OEB litter at Dog Bluff Bulldogges

Formerly "Dog Bluff Bulldogges," Angela began her program with Valley Bulldogs, working closely with the IOEBA to meet every breed standard. Over the years, Angela redirected her program as her love for Olde English Bulldogges increased and provided many families with beautiful, wrinkly bully kids. Pictured here is Angela's last Oldie litter (2012). We hope to see more of them by year 2022!

Raising Dogs With Common Sense - Angela T. Roberts
Dog Bluff Diamonds adoptive families will enjoy a copy of Angela's book.
Meanwhile, Angela helps dog owners with her book, "Raising Dogs With Common Sense." Published 2011, 2012 and 2018, this great little instruction manual takes you from Adoption Day forward. Angela's goal is to save you time, money and stress while raising a healthy, low-maintenance dog. She poured her heart, some good humor and decades of experience into this little book.

Our dogs are Registered with IOEBA.
Our puppies will come with IOEBA pre-registration certificates.

Contact SHERRY for Valley Bulldog Puppies and for Future Valley Stud service & English Bulldog Stud service. 843-496-5152