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Welcome to DBD! I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about my Valley Bulldogs (VB), English Bulldogs (EB) and Boxers. I've poured over 30 years' experience into my VB and EB programs, striving to exceed every breed standard set by distinguished kennel clubs. I believe in excellent nutrition: Gluten-free, fish-based kibble, supplemented with fish oil softgels and raw meats. My dogs receive monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventions, vet-recommended vaccines, doggie-door access to temperature-controlled living, plenty of outside running room and tons of love. It is my goal to provide your family with a healthy, low-maintenance bulldog.

DBD Crew


Loyal, Elegant, Timeless... and missed greatly

"Diamond" was my cherished Boxer (now running with the Angels), and served as the face of DIAMOND VALLEY BULLDOGS, my first program.

I honored my sister-friend, Angela Roberts (owner of Dog Bluff Bulldogges) by adding "Dog Bluff" to my program name, rebuilt after a long break.

Our dogs are Registered with IOEBA.
Our puppies will come with IOEBA pre-registration certificates.

SHERRY 843-496-5152