Sherry's VALLEY BULLDOG Program

Sherry's Valley Bulldog Program
Valleys Produced
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"Romeo" (English Bulldog male)
This red sable boy is coming along nicely!
The VALLEY BULLDOG was created by combining the Standard English Bulldog and Boxer breeds, obtaining the best of both worlds! Valleys are super-smart, housetrain easily, they're very athletic and love outside family activities. They have enough muzzle length to breathe freely. Other bonus traits include excellent muscle tone, wide chest, bully head piece, enough "leg" to be athletic and just enough facial wrinkles to be adorable.

Sherry's program includes 3 breeds: English Bulldog, Boxer and Valley Bulldog. All of Sherry's dogs are registered with
> IOEBA = International Olde English Bulldogge Association and
> UCA = United Canine Association.
Most are triple-registered with either
> CKC = Continental Kennel Club or
> AKC = American Kennel Club.

Hank sports a Flashy Fawn coat, equally as handsome as his Valley personality!

Romeo's flashy Red Sable coat gets prettier by the day!
Many thanks to Michelle Shoemake of Hartsville, SC!

Jewels sports a rare, Flashy Seal coat. She is our resident Protector!


Dakota's coat is a rich, Flashy Red Fawn w/perfect black masking for this funny, playful girl.

Sherry is gradually building her Valley program. You may see a new face on this page before long!

Please view "Valleys Produced" to view Sherry's accomplishments with the Valley Bulldog breed. Sherry breeds for HEALTH first, and strives to produce the best looking Valley Bulldogs available. This rare breed is gaining popularity across the USA, is already a favorite in Nova Scotia, Canada and other far-away places.

View our "Safe Transport" page if you are unable to travel to the east coast, near Myrtle Beach, SC.

SHERRY (843-496-5152) for Valley Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and Boxers.

ANGELA (843-340-5818) for Olde English Bulldogges.